The vision of our school is set out in our Mission Statement as follows:

In Scoil Mhuire it is our aim…….

1. That the pupils will have been afforded the best opportunity possible to avail of an all-round education, suitable to the ability of each child, and in keeping with the Catholic Ethos of the school.

2. That the pupils will have received social skills, to equip them for life and in keeping with the religious ethos of the school.

3. That the pupils will be exposed to extra-curricular and sporting aspects of life, as part of the mental and physical development and growing process.

4. Coupled with self-development , that the pupils will have a clear understanding of life and be capable of understanding and appreciating the plight of the less fortunate sector of the community

5. Ultimately, that The Fountain of Knowledge; The Light of Learning; The Leaves of Growth and The Heart of Care and Love, which are the underlying messages of the school crest, will have touched all our pupils during their in Scoil Mhuire.