“A Health Promoting School can be characterised as a school constantly strengthening its capacity as a healthy setting for living, learning and working”.

Welcome to our Health Promoting School page. This year, Scoil Mhuire are taking part in an initiative called ‘Health Promoting School’.  We have signed up to the HPS Initiative in order to commit ourselves to becoming healthier as a school.  An awareness of both physical and mental health can make a huge difference to our lives and we hope to become more positive and healthy members of society as a result.

We have set up a Health Promoting Committee. There are two pupils from each class from 1st-6th. These pupils represent each class and bring forward any ideas or concerns raised by pupils. The committee also helps to raise awareness around the school of activities/imitative coming up.

The Committee Members are:

1st Class – Béibhinn O’Donoghue & Brooke Sives

2nd Class –     Pilar Deasy Rubio & Dorka Farkas

3rd Class –      Ciara Mulcahy & Sophie Ní Chárthaigh

4th Class –      Bea & Abbey Mooney

5th Class –      Heather Butler & Lucy O’Brien

6th Class –      Seana Abraham & Jessica Ahern


Below are list of useful links and websites which can help promote health.




Located under “for your info” tab

  1. Factsheet for Parents and Guardians
  2. Factsheet for Childcare Providers
  3. Get Kids on the Go booklet
  4. Little Steps Leaflet
  5. Stretching for Children
  6. Get Active 4 week step challenge for Children and Young People
  7. Step challenge card (kids step challenge card)


Get Kids on the Go information booklet for parents, guardians and teachers



Available from www.healthpromotion.ie

  1. Eat Smart Move More – A5 booklet providing advice & info, healthy eating & physical activity for primary school children.
  2. Eat Smart Move More Reward Chart – to record progress on healthy eating & physical activity goals.
  3. Food for Young Children (1-5yrs)
  4. New Healthy Eating Guidelines
  5. 101 Square Meals
  6. A2 Children’s Food Pyramid Poster (also available in Irish)
  7. Food Pyramid Stickers
  8. Little Steps to Eating Well
  9. Little Steps Wall Chart
  10. Healthy Eating for Pregnancy
  11. Food for Young Children (1- 5yrs)


Available from Safefood www.safefood.eu

  1. Safefood Healthy Lunchboxes www.safefood.eu/Publications/Consumer-Info/healthy-lunchboxes.aspx
  2. When Sally met Sammy (book for preschoolers) www.Safefood.eu/Education?Pre-school/When-Sally-met-Sammy.aspx
  3. Sammy and Sally Grow Together www.Safefood.eu/Education?Pre-school/Sammy-and-Sally-Grow-Together.aspx
  4. How they measure up: A Simple Guide to Food Labelling www.safefood.eu/Publications/Consumer-information/How-they-measure-up-A-Simple-Guide-to-Food-labell.aspx




Mental Health