In Scoil Mhuire we take particular pride in the standard of our students’ handwriting. We know that correct pencil grip and posture are essential to writing well and comfortably. We know that the use of joined writing is essential to a good handwriting speed and helpful in becoming familiar with spelling patterns. During exams in later life, many of our past pupils appreciate the time and attention given to allowing them to develop clear and speedy handwriting. Over the years our school is very proud to have received many national awards for handwriting.

In the infant classes we pay particular attention to good writing posture, pencil grip, applying appropriate pressure to the page, pre-writing skills, hand-eye coordination and finally we move on to the correct formation of each of the letter groups. We use “print” until the end of Senior Infants.

Joined Writing 

From first class on, we teach joined handwriting or “cursive script”. The children are given plenty of time to practice each letter at this early stage and most importantly extra time is given to all written activities to allow the children to begin to use their new cursive writing consistently throughout the day. The use of cursive script is encouraged throughout the school – you’ll see our handwriting on posters, white boards and the majority of our written work.
Of course, we embrace technology as we also encourage the children to learn to touch type. We would like our students to be in a position to communicate the written word quickly and clearly -a life skill to be valued!
Need a little practice? Download some more samples here: IMG Peannaireacht


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